February 23

You didn’t know that there was a problem Houston?



Do you know about the FATAL FLAW that’s limiting your WordPress content? You are familiar with Posts and Pages in WordPress, but are you aware of the critical problem that massively limits their flexibility?

Every Post and Page automatically gets turned into its own web page with its own URL.

Such a simple thing, right? Most people don’t even know it’s a problem…

Here’s the deal, though:

This limitation is keeping you from using, and thinking about, your content in more creative and efficient ways!

In other words, you’re used to thinking about your content like this:

1 Post = 1 URL

But what if you could create a piece of modular content that worked like this instead:

1 Piece of Content = Use as many times as you want, wherever you like!

And now you’re thinking, “Great, but what kind of content works this way?”

Email forms — You may want the same email form to appear on lots of pages, and possibly in different locations
Product pitches — Whether you sell books, software, or custom fire pits, there’s a really good chance you’d like to drop a few product pitches in various areas of your site
Curated content links… “Related posts” are so 2013; a much more effective approach is to provide a few links to your best content in high-visibility locations
Author bios: Run a multi-author site? It would be nice to display relevant author bios after each post… with no custom code
Plus a zillion other possibilities
It would be really sweet not to have to rely on separate Plugins for each of these tasks.

It would be even better if there were one magical Plugin that simplified these seemingly different tasks and made them all work in the same easy and intuitive way.

Well, you don’t have to hope, and you won’t need any magic.

Works with any Theme
Enables you to enhance every Post or Page of your website with custom content in seconds
Unlocks your creativity by enabling you to use your content in more imaginative ways
Will streamline your WordPress experience by creating opportunities to organize customizations and eliminate Plugins
It’s simple. It’s effective. And it’s easy as hell to use.

It’s the Modular Content Plugin from DIYthemes!

You are going to love it…

Malcolm Patten

With thanks to Chris Pearson (DIYthemes)

P.S. Even though it’s blasphemy, I know you’re probably not using Thesis on every WordPress website you manage. And that’s why I built Modular Content—so you can start using my best-in-class solutions on non-Thesis sites. There’s more to come in this area, too, so stay tuned!

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