April 15

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Congratulations to all of you for your Utopian Global STORH™ ownership.
As mentioned during our recent webcasts (https://t.me/ugnewsline) April is a major milestone in achievements for the STORH™ Equity Token.

1. SAFT STORH™ (Simple Application Future Token Holding) will be converted 1 SAFT for 1 STORH™ ERC 223 Token (blockchain and viewable on Etherscan)

2. STORH™ distributions will be paid out to STORH holders up until 31.03.2019. Distributions will be in proportion to each Members holding, the time of assets owned and income generated.

3. Utopian Global STORH™ Quantum packages. By demand these packages are designed to allocate more funds to STORH, therefore supporting Members with higher net worth while still providing the Affiliates with generous compensation for their referrals.

4. In essence the higher packages purchased means greater STORH™ ownership. Example; as detailed in the white paper the current fund allocation is 50% Affiliate referral program (ARP), 40% STORH™ assets and 10% Utopian Global. Current Premium packages and new Quantum packages have the following allocation:

Premium Packages
a. €50 Member, €99, €170, €390, (50% ARP, 40% STORH™,10% UG)
b. €790 (42% ARP, 48% STORH™, 10% UG)
c. €1500 (41% ARP, 49% STORH™, 10% UG)
d. €3500 (30% ARP, 60% STORH™, 10% UG)

Quantum Packages
e. €9000 (9.2% ARP, 87% STORH™, 3.8% UG)*
f. €18,000 (8.1% ARP, 90%STORH™, 1.9% UG)*
g. €100,000 (7% ARP, 92% STORH™, 1% UG)*
h. €250,000 (5.2% ARP, 94% STORH™, 0.8% UG)*
i. €1M Quantum (2.5% ARP, 97% STORH™, 0.5% UG)*
* Purchasers of the Quantum Packages receive the same STORH™ Equity Token as all other packages and will be required to meet all Affiliate Qualifications as per the Premium packages.

The PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) drafted by US Attorney Mike Miglio of ICO Law Group, Houston Texas USA, is a legal document binding the ownership of STORH™ assets to the KYC approved account holder.
This legaly binding document must be fully read, understood and accepted in order to receive your STORH™ Preferred Equity Tokens and all future distributions.

On April 30th the STORH™ token price will increase (double) to be in alignment with the recent phase 1 legacy asset acquisition as detailed in the STORH™ white paper. This property of approximately 5,625 gross acres has a strong management team and an existing bank lever in place, so the productivity risk is extremely low and the joint partners of this asset are by majority industry experts.

The STORH™ Equity Token deployed on the ERC 223 Ethereum Network validates your Equity Token transaction on the distributed public ledger (blockchain), the PPM legally binds your STORH™ Equity Tokens to the underlying assets held in Sourcerock Energy Partners Ltd (A Texas Corporation)

By 30th April

a) STORH™ will be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and an instructional video will be released as to how to set up your STORH™ Ether wallet
b) phase 1 assets acquisitions will be finalising
c) our first STORH™ distribution will be paid out to members
d) STORH™ price will double from current asset value
e) STORH™ Quantum packages become available

Immediate Updates Here

To make it plain, when Utopian Global started, the offer price of the ETO, the Equity Token Offering was €0.25. As of 1st May, it will be €1.00 a 4X’s increase in value with a projected value of €4.00 by the end of the year. That would represent a 16X’s increase in value. ETO’s are not simply speculation by the market like betting on horses, this ETO is backed by, amongst other things, oil and gas wells and a team that has been producing profits for the last 20 years.

We offer 20% Plus…

I took this today, April 18, 2019, from my Nationwide Building Society website and it just shows that if you simply step out of your comfort zone, there is a lot more opportunity if you look…

Put aside your natural reluctance and dive right in. You will surprise yourself how well you can swim!

Go to RIOYTeam.com, register for free and complete your KYC. Then choose whether you want to become a customer or an affiliate. Call me if you need to discuss it on +447595 301177 WhatsApp and text.


Malcolm Patten
+447595 301177 WhatsApp and text

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