January 29

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Know Your Customer

To Access the website Go Here RIOYTeam

To access the video on Youtube go HERE

To contact the author go HERE

Do you want to create a video for your own prospects or a group that you need to approach for something else, choose from a variety of styles like

  • Video from an article or blog post
  • Sales video
  • Video for your online course
  • Video for social media
  • Property listing video

All of these can be created with ease and to give you a steer, take advantage of this free Youtube cheat sheet:

Free Youtube Cheat Sheet

Find out a little bit more about STORH by accessing the WhitePaper HERE

When you get to the website and you have completed your KYC, email me at mgp@rioyteam.com and I shall give you the banking details in Switzerland.

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Malcolm Patten

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