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The $12 Income Machine For Life!

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Hands Down The EASIEST Affiliate Program To Reach $500/Month

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Hey. When was the last time you could spend $12 a month securing your lifetime income? Probably never before. But today you can…

And it comes with bells and whistles. You can both blow those whistles and ring those bells to your hearts content. All the while by earning a replacement income to supplement whatever you are doing now and even replace your your full-time income, your wage or salary.

OK… You want to go to Necker Island owned by Sir Richard Branson?

If you look around you and watch other people buying new cars, going on holiday or vacation, travelling business class and generally being free to organise themselves, are you wondering how do they do that?

One answer is:

Most rich people received 70% of their income from investments and less than 30% from wages as an employee.

Listen to and watch Jeff Aman explain this…

The Rich…

What makes this fact even more interesting is this…

The rich who earned the most money were employees of their own corporation. In other words, they had their own business work for them.

For most everyone else, the poor and middle class, at least 80% of their income comes from wages and less than 20% from investments of any sort.

Gets you thinking. If your money is coming from a job, you are NOT on the path to wealth.

So, where do you start and especially if you do not have the funds to even invest in any financial plans promoted by financial centres and entities?

Well, there are many marketing strategies that you can use and implement to make money online, right? Or put it another way, if we stop thinking about “how to make money” but ponder instead on how to be an entrepreneur, I feel that we will have fewer obstacles put in our way to succeed.

Mindset of the Rich

For instance, the mindset of “how to make money” is kind of negative because it’s focusing on tactical ways to “take” someone’s money. We are not villains and out to steal someones purse or savings. We don’t even want to even steal people’s time. If you start to think like an entrepreneur, we shall think of HOW we can do something for someone so that person will be glad to give you money in exchange for a service and on top of that, you’ll love what you do even more.

That being said, if I had to choose just ONE strategy, starting from scratch, it would be to build a list… There isn’t one serious marketer in the world who would disagree with you.

Building a list is one thing – how you build a relationship with that list is KEY and there is an art and a science to it.

So, we are going to start you off the right way…

Your ‘List’ may provide many people from all walks of life

You generally need several thing straight away. You need a product or service that many people want. You need a way to attract buyers to your product or service, your shop window if you like, and you need a way of of providing the “Till” for people who want to buy. You also need a way of following up those people who are just looking and seem to be interested, have bought what you are offering and maybe need help them with using it to gain the maximum advantage for themselves, have requirements for more of the same or to a different specification or, would like to sell it for themselves in order for them to do the same as you.

Do you think that it is possible to acquire all this for just $12 per month and realise your dreams of financial freedom as a result? You could add to this the fact that you are now in a position to help thousands of others do the same thing… That’s right. All you have to do is get started.

The program is free for seven days and you can start earning before you pay anything. Even when you pay $12 for your monthly membership, it only takes two people to join you* for you to sail on completely free because you get 100% back (Less transaction charges of $0.65 making $11.35) from each member who joins you.

Download For Free

It comes with COMPLETE training and an ability to encompass another program from within the software to automate another program. For example, you may already be promoting something that you want to promote over everything else. This what brought me into this particular program.

This Could Be You… Possibly Not Using A Mobile Phone While Driving…

Let me give you one example. A guy called Jeff was earning a US military salary and left after a number of tours and continued as a military contractor working 12 hour shifts to keep himself and his family together. Whilst he was based in a military camp and could go home every 12 hours with the added benefit of not getting his head blown off on tour, he was still under the thumb of someone else and couldn’t go off wherever he wanted and whenever he pleased. Also, he just didn’t earn enough money to enjoy the lifestyle that he saw others enjoying.

If that applies to you, this may be what you are looking for.

Once you join, you are not left on your own to sink like with every other program. You are given regular help and encouragement to earn more and more.

The included training is superb and is authored by the person who originally created the program and ensures that you profit from it. The way that the program is structured is that you cannot lose. Take a dip for free and find out everything about before you make your mind up.

You can access it here with a bundle of bonuses that you will not find anywhere else:

  1. Your own splash page like mine with your image on it not mine…
  2. A professionally written email follow up series that you can simply swipe and deploy.
  3. *There is a First Year Pay Plan Based on Leverage and Duplication. So, to illustrate what this means. Lets assume you get four people in your first month. You pass up two to your sponsor and that puts you into profit. If we just use $10 as the working figure and your effort duplicates, by the end of 12 months you will have earned an average of $81,900 per month. You may wonder about passing up two people to your sponsor. The same happens for you!
  4. Of course, nothing ever goes as straightforwardly as above. Let’s go back to Jeff again. His results for 2019 January to October are “How I Made Over $27,000 And Grew A List Of 14,550 People Almost Completely PASSIVELY…”

You cannot go wrong and, of course there is a money back guarantee. If you decide to quit, even after 3 months for any reason whatsoever, I shall personally refund your money. Every cent! You cannot say fairer than that.

Download For Free

Awesome Bonus Pack… See How My Students Double, Triple, Even QUADRUPLE THEIR ONLINE INCOME With My Custom Sales Machine!


There is a choice of being paid in crypto currency, bank transfer if you live in the USA or a popular internet payment gateway.

If you choose to be paid in crypto currency like Bitcoin, get a free $10 bonus here that you will get ad infinitum for everyone you introduce who also get $10… If you are into Ethereum, get your mobile phone wallet MEW here. After that, get more free crypto currency here

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