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Enter the world of Sustainability
The Stark Reality
There is Hope!
Hope and still make a profit
This is how we are going to do it
Always keep multiple streams of income
Vertically integrated to best use managing talent
The common purpose is your success
You being an oil and gas field owner
Fulfilling our environmental protection promise
Exciting real-world environmental action
The profit picture for investors like you emerges
A clear pathway to profit
Strike while the iron is hot
A fair and logical split
Timing and security is everything
Your doorway to wealth
We are always open

Just imagine. JOB = Just Over Broke.

An Asset = Earn While you Sleep.

It is your opportunity to join a company focused on the trillion dollar energy ETO and the precious metal sectors of gold & silver. If you want to build a business, become an Affiliate. If you want to simply secure your wealth, become a customer. You can hide your wealth behind the blockchain with nobody being any the wiser and certainly, nobody being able to steal it.

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

Our unique marketing platform that generates passive income for our affiliates and customers comprising

  1. Precious Metals – Gold and Silver delivered to your door or kept securely in Switzerland and Dubai
  2. ETO Equity Token Offering – The STORH™ Token Quarterly Dividend. The equity is currently Oil & Gas fields in Texas
  3. A Professional Education System and White Paper
  4. 11 Year Trading History

We are a broad based Affiliate Marketing company focused on the trillion dollar energy and precious metal sectors. You only need to sponsor 3 people to instantly earn your membership contribution making your international business free! It has insane income potential with 8 level deep sponsor bonuses.

STORH™ will be at the forefront of the new era capitalising on sustainable and renewable energy and mineral resource projects while implementing breakthrough technologies for the benefit of its stakeholders and humanity

The revenue and growth divisions of STORH™ include a broad range of natural resources, legacy energy resources, patented environmental remediation technologies, and sustainable technology & services.

STORH™ is an equity backed token underpinned by Energy and Mineral resources, their relative supply chain and sustainable technologies. These assets, fractionally owned by token holders, generate revenues which can be distributed back to its holders as well as contribute to the growth of the token’s value. STORH™ presents the opportunity to capitalise on the exponentially growing demand for energy by undertaking its own resource exploitation endeavours and creating other opportunities along the production chain.

Avoid the scenario suffered by our US friends who, in 1933, were ordered to surrender all their gold assets to the government. Private ownership of gold is made illegal and the US government bought back gold from US citizens at approximately $20 per troy ounce. When notified that all the private gold had been confiscated, gold became available again at $35 per troy ounce. Economically, banning private holding of gold had the effect of propping up the US currency at the expense of the citizens of the United States. Don’t let that ever happen to you.

If you are a US Citizen, you may not hold STORH™ Tokens because they are backed by oil and gas and therefore considered a Security in the US. You may hold and acquire gold and silver as a US citizen though and you may promote the STORH™ Token to others who live outside of the US and who are known to you. You may not hold details of the STORH™ Token on or in your premises for the purposes of promotion.

For more information, simply subscribe to the mailing list and full details will be mailed to you. Just entering your first name is fine…


Malcolm Patten
+447595 301177 WhatsApp and text


I suggest that you acquaint yourself with the MEW crypto wallet. This one works very well with Utopian Global and you can simply download it from the Apple App store or the Android equivalent. Your new public address can be used with these four free bitcoin accumulators:

  1. CryptoTab Browser
  2. Honeypot
  3. PI
  4. MyBitCoinYouTube

Recommended free Bitcoin source is the CryptoTab Browser and it works on both Mac and Windows platforms.

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