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Profit Plan

In this Profit Plan pdf and below, that some of you have downloaded, it focusses on obtaining Bitcoin without investment of any kind…

All of the websites can be accessed without any risk whatsoever, except one. That is BTC Online. Here, you risk a massive $11… Yup. That gets you in and earning straight away.

So, I started with them on the 15th October and today is the 3rd of November. Everybody earns 30 satoshi per day and the my total income from this program in that period in dollar terms at a price of 1 Bitcoin = $6,367.50 is $14.41.

Not bad for zero investment apart from the aforementioned $11 that gives me access. The real plus side is the opportunity to earn a lot more from the plans available up to more than $6,500 per month passive income…

But wait. Let us look at the facts. All modern living is dependent on oil. If you had even a small oil well in your back garden, you would be earning a passive income of possibly thousands of dollars a day. Not bad either but you might annoy the neighbours somewhat.

If you don’t possess an odd $million’s to buy a lease to drill for oil or gas and that you don’t own a plot of land with oil reserves beneath, I may have something that could interest you.

A company that has been going for more than 10 years has restructured itself to deal with this and you can join for free to see what happens. If it is good in your opinion, you may be on the edge of something extraordinary. By using the technology that lays behind Bitcoin, in other words Blockchain, you can now own a share in an oil well that has been producing oil for more than 60 years and has at least another 35 years to pay out to its owners. Once you own a part of it, nobody can take it away, not even a government or crooks.

So, go through the pdf that you have downloaded. If you have lost it or it is collecting digital dust, here it is again.

With my best regards.


From Stratford upon Avon


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