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So, You’ve Been Dumped?


Risk Comes From Not Knowing What You Are Doing

Your salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams…


So, you have just been laid off? It is no comfort for you to know So,that this is inevitable and that like a car accident death statistic, you are, without at all reflecting on you and your skill set and aspirations, included in a number. What now?

The great sea change in the way business works has put a lot of people out of work.

We have gone from a centralised, capital intensive, integrated economy to a decentralised, disintegrated economy where the small business person has more leverage than ever before. Importantly, big business must outsource and downsize or gobble up competitors to stay alive.

Many people are struggling in this environment. Some turfed out of their jobs. Others still clinging to an employer but scared of losing their livelihood and dreaming of the day they can walk out of the door and tell their boss where they can put…

Many highly skilled people, adept at finance, engineering and design, sales and marketing, human resources, logistics and management, information technology and other on-the-job skills have much offer

As independent entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and service providers in this new economy. Others serve consumer markets and there is huge potential and opportunity there too.

What many lack is the business savvy and mindsets to turn their skill set into lucrative businesses that provide ample cash-flow and free time for living.

Dialling for dollars, banging on doors and flying round the countryside to meet clients is no longer necessary. Not only is it just unnecessary; it is detrimental to your wealth.

So, what is your objective going to be? Personally, I want to spend $10,000 a month or more on advertising. That may sound strange but if your ROI is more than 2:1, it is most definitely worth it.

Putting your thinking cap on, what special skill or interest do you have that can be exploited for financial gain? I shall leave you with that thought and return to it in an upcoming article.

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