July 29

So, You Want To Get Ahead?

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So, the challenge was how to bring any WordPress site up to-date with a niche website that incorporates the latest advances in website design without custom and expensively derived websites for each topic…

How? Nirvana! I found what I was looking for with an eight year old company that provides software that delivers exactly what I want, where I want and importantly, how I want. This company can be found HERE.

If you have been successful with your internet marketing company, it is probable that you have run out of things to spend your money on. You can go on endless company holidays with spending money, weekends away and so on not to mention being the preferred bank for your children. All this can get a bit tedious if you believe that you are simply spending money because it is there.

Then you look at what is happening in the world and discover that while you have been busy building your business using the fabulous BuiderAll software, world events may put your lifestyle under threat. For example, quantitive easing; remember what happened to the Weimar Republic and recently in Zimbabwe, Argentina and Venezuela. Other threats include water shortages and wars over water, climate change and rising sea levels; forecasting rain doesn’t count building Arks does, proxy wars spilling over into the heart of your country like at Salisbury here in the UK and all sorts of disruption where you cannot rely on institutions to keep your money safe so that you can get at it anytime you want.

Therefore, my focus has changed somewhat and I have redeployed my time to building an asset base in precious metals. Gold and silver does go up and down relative to a local currency but if a currency does go down to being valueless, at least the gold and silver value remains the same.

Of course, such a change in topic requires a new website and this is where BuilderAll makes it’s mark. You can easily clone examples to what you need in as short a time as possible. Go through the documentation here: http://dotcomlifestyle.us and when you join, even as a free member, I shall invite you in to a private Facebook Mastermind group where the weekly livestreams will be held and an additional private group where you will find BOTH training’s that teach how to promote any product actually using the BuilderAll tools and how to promote the actual BuilderAll software as well!

So, in conclusion, whilst my focus is on my main income provider, additional software is useful to ensure our safe and smooth journey into BitCoin and precious metals therefore preserving the integrity of earnings already accumulated. It does not affect my other activity since my foray into precious metals is simply passive and made possible by BuilderAll.

Malcolm Patten

Want Leads? Want Video? Want Best Delivery Rate Autoresponder? Want To Safely Invest In Gold, Silver and BitCoin? Want To Lose Weight? Want An Easy To Configure Membership Site? Want To Make ANY Site Beautifully?


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