May 22

President Trump

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Whatever you think of President Donald Trump you are right.

A lot of chatter has been about what is genuine news coverage and what is not. Allow me to introduce you to a free online publication that covers world events from the perspective of academics. Simply click this link and it will take you to a recent version where you can subscribe and get a daily dose of unbiased and authoritative opinion.

At a time when academics and researchers are coming to understand the importance of communicating their research findings to as wide an audience as possible, national and international, within academia and beyond, The Conversation provides them with the means of doing so, and helps them to present their work as clearly and effectively as possible. All of its content is freely and openly available, and the growth of its diverse readership is astonishing at 10.7 million readers a month.

Why does this matter? It matters because we live in a world where misinformation and misunderstanding abounds, where genuinely authoritative and solidly researched content across a range of issues is vital. Whether readers are interested in politics, the environment, health sciences, physics, astronomy, history, archaeology, or any other field of study, The Conversation will leave them better informed.

Success in business is largely due to luck - new research
Or inn Trumps case, who your father was…

For example, DNA from 10,000 year old chewing gum reveals the secrets of Stone Age Scandinavians… Bonobo mothers meddle in their sons’ sex lives making them three times more likely to father children… The scandal that should force us to reconsider wellness advice from influencers… Overpriced tech IPOs sell grand visions but aren’t worth their valuations… The Earth’s magnetic north pole is shifting rapidly, so what will happen to the northern lights? How the US Constitution failed to keep Donald Trump in line and so on…

Be better informed by those that know about a subject and who have no party political bias whatsoever and have no vested interest with regard to commercial consideration. Personally, it is where I look to give me a steer on many subjects.

I hope that this helps in a small way…


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