April 16

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Eric Worre is considered by many as being the closest thing to being the perfect prospect.

Eric exposes young people on stage. In other words, those people under 30 who are leaders in their chosen field including one that grew up in Nigeria. Those in Marketing know only too well the challenges facing Nigerians…

All under 30!

The real challenge for most people is how to go about doing what these guys do to get there. Here is a blueprint:

Most people want to be shown what to do

As a corollary to this video, I want you to look at forms of words that may get you through a tight situation. Never Split The Difference | Negotiation That Works! [Interview with Chris Voss]:

Be hard on yourself…

When all of that is learned, what are you going to do? What vehicle might you choose? Perhaps you could do me a favour. I just started something outside my retirement and I shall be pleased to let you know what I am doing so that if you run into the right person you can refer them to me. Oh, by the way do you have somebody that you know and trust who advises you about saving using precious metals as a vehicle?



Malcolm Patten
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Oh. And just in case you need to get up to speed with what is happening to FIAT currency, that is paper currency in any denomination and country of origin, let another commentator enlighten you as to why you might want to consider investing in gold to keep your shirt when all around are losing theirs…

Easy to deal with that. Buy gold and silver here at the lowest possible price:

Gold and Silver is purchased at 3% over the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) base price and delivered to you or stored securely in Switzerland and Dubai. They are 999.9 Pure Gold and 999 Silver items. All Products are manufactured by Argor-Heraeusin of Switzerland…
Access: RIOYTeam.com Free to Join and free always as a customer.

Oh. And one final thing. Bitcoin is rising in price again so, it makes sense to grab some free offerings.

You can safely install these two miners and let them run in the background. The first is the Honeypot… and the second is a Google Tab. Both are absolutely free.

Then you will need a Wallet. I suggest a secure wallet for your desktop and here I recommend Coinbase and if you are using your mobile phone for the internet, I suggest GreenAddress that will serve you very well. I have made a blog post here to give you more information.

Whatever you do, do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving. Warren Buffett

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