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Mind Blowing Crypto

Are You Ready To Dive Into The Crypto Marketplace?


So, you have already prepared yourself for the crypto market? First things first, you need to buy some Bitcoin. £30 is enough and you can do that here: CoinBase

If you are not equipped for buying Bitcoin, go here for your most painless experience which, amongst others is CoinBase…Bitcoin
Spread the word directly with your personalised link, over email, via Messenger or on Facebook. Help your friend to buy or sell digital currency on Coinbase. You will both get $10 (£7) of free bitcoin when your friends buys or sells at least $100 (£78) of digital currency.
Of course, if you have been watching my emails you will have discovered a free method of gaining Satoshi. Fractions of a Bitcoin. To remind you, simply click here and follow through. http://freebitcoinminer.us. Windows people only. Mac and Linux to follow.
Life would not be complete without Google Chrome getting in on the act. Now you can have a Chrome extension that does a lot of mining for you. Windows, Mac & Linux. It is called CryptoTab and you can get it here:
Swiss Gold Global
Of course, with a surfeit of money, you are going to want to convert your devaluing FIAT currencies into Gold & Silver. What better way of doing that than through another program that allows you to spread your affiliate link.
Swiss Gold Global is your ethical route to purchasing some of the worlds purest gold and silver. Have a look:

Swiss Gold Global

If you want to ramp up your mining, I have found this UK based outfit that, by all accounts, does what says on the tin. I have just registered this afternoon and you can have a look here:

CoinBits a Premium Cloud Mining Platform

Enough to be going on with but best to do it now…

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