March 16

London and Birmingham Are Calling

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Looking for sustainable income
London and Birmingham Calling

Antwerp, London and Birmingham Presentations

Copy of training from Saturday 16th March 2019

Utopian Global Business Training 16th March 2019

You can register as a completely FREE member or build a business as an Affiliate. The main difference is that as an Affiliate, you can introduce other members to share the wealth of STORH™ the Equity Backed Token plus precious metals gold and silver. Just go to

I do hope that you can join us.

Malcolm Patten

+447595 301177 WhatsApp and text
Never Split The Difference | Negotiation That Works! [Interview with Chris Voss]:
Avoid High Bank Charges In Any Country, fund your Utopian Global wallet with crypto currency:
A Billionaire Investor Says The Economy Is Headed For ’20 Years Of Ugliness’ | Davos 2019
A FBI Hostage Negotiators Guide To Selling To Professional Buyers With Chris Voss | Salesman Podcast

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Malcolm Patten

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