February 13

Do you know of anyone who needs extra funding?

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Of course you do. Maybe yourself?

Well, you might be surprised to know people represented by these flags are piling into our program. Here is, after eight weeks or so, the map of the flags of the world of people who could be contributing to your pocket!

Why? Why because they want the same as you.

The flags below show the countries with members that are making an Impact. Our platform is available for people from almost any country – you just need to have access to the internet. If you don’t see your country’s flag below then you have the opportunity to be the first Impacter in your country.

You have the opportunity to start getting contributions from all of these and other countries for any project that you can think of. Now, the next question is “How do I go about it?”

Very very simple. You simply go next door and browse the next page and click on one of the links best suited to your situation and get to the site. Once you are in the site you can watch the videos and see whether or not it is for you. With Rebecca earning $41,000 in eight weeks, I suspect that for most people, that would be somewhat of a pay rise. Rebecca is a single mum with 4 children under 6 years old. If she can do it, anyone can…

Oh so simple.

See you in first class.

Malcolm Patten

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