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You will love it. A proper business that you can get your teeth into. It is not pills and potions although any consumer business that has repeat sales has to be looked at seriously…

This will appeal to Yorkshire people especially. If you are careful with your money and want to hang on to it, saving is a good idea. Where to save to get the best return though? That IS a conundrum.

Here is an idea backed up with something that I know a little bit about after 20 years with Mobil Oil Co. Oil and Gas. Owning your own oilfield may sound a bit far fetched but not any more. We are looking at a return of at least 20% per annum, perhaps even more. Combining it with owning Swiss produced gold a silver must be the ultimate hedge?

You too can own an oil and gas well

So, what do you want to do now? Easy. Register for free at RIOYTeam.com and complete your KYC, Know Your Customer. This prevents fraud plus you are secured behind the blockchain and nobody, not even governments, can steal your assets.

Once you are sitting comfortably, introduce others to join in the fun. You are not selling to them. You are doing them a favour and could transform their retirement prospects whatever their age. Just imagine starting somebody off when they just turn 18 into a life of abundance that they control by being properly educated in the worlds precious metals and getting to grips with the blockchain technology that we shall all eventually become familiar with as we move into a new world of ultimately secure transactions.

Start Now

If you want to learn how to do all this, I have two videos for you that show you the way with good examples of people providing for themselves at a young age, in fact below 30 AND someone who grew up in Nigeria…

Young people doing extraordinarily well using Network Marketing

One of the worlds best scripts to get almost $10m in sales…

Once you have watched all the videos give me a call on WhatsApp or email me and tell me what you want to do…

WhatsApp +447595 301177
email mgp@rioyteam.com

Warmly Malcolm Patten

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