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Which AutoResponder Is Best For Me?


The first questions that I must ask myself are “Why Do I Want One And What Do I Want It To Do”?

An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. They can be very simple or quite complex. For example, if you want to build a list of subscribers to your blog or you are promoting a product or service and you need to explain something in more detail or you need to collect payment for something, you need a way of collecting someones email address as a point of contact.

People are wary of releasing their email address because in the past, unscrupulous individuals have bombarded people’s inbox with with sales messages that are frankly, a complete waste of time.

The reason that you are reading this is because you have subscribed to a blog that provides information that is of interest to you. The autoresponder company that provides such a service, in my case, is called AWeber. You subscribed, in other words, released your email address because you thought that you can get something of value from the information delivered.

The name of this blog is MyBorderlessIncome. It’s purpose is to show others how I am creating a income online for myself and how you could do the same, particularly where there are no country border restrictions. If others are wanting to do the same thing and the content in these posts is relevant, then alerting subscribers to this blog post is useful.

So, most people online want to promote either themselves or a product or service for sale from which they can earn an income. In order to do that, they have to do several things. One of which, is to create a sales page. Another task is to find a way of collecting money for whatever is being promoted and then another is to thank their customer for making the purchase.

All sorts of software can enable you to do this, not least in subscribing to Facebook for free* and using that platform to connect with other people. The challenge there is that if you attempt to promote a product or service with normal posts, Facebook may disallow your account unless you elect to pay for their advertising service.

Nothing is easy.

In order to remain independent of major corporations, one way is to create a blog that you own.

What is meant by OWN?

You will have registered a domain name and you have installed software that delivers a blog. You have also paid for a company to allow anyone to search for your domain name so that they can see it. This type of company is called a “Hosting Company”. It hosts your website or blog and enables you to fill your website or blog with information. I use Namecheap.com to both register the name of the website and host it so that it is made available on the World Wide Web.

Namecheap Shared hosting

There are two views as to how to do this. One is to keep the Registrar separate from the hosting company. The advantage of this is that if you fall out with your hosting company, forget to pay their fees for example, your “Name” your URL remains live so that you can reinstate it with another hosting company and continue your business.

The second view is that you combine the service of registering your domain name and have the same company host a website for you as well.

Which is best? I have tried both and for ease of use, I have chosen the second view. Namecheap.com is the registrar for my domain name and it also provides an excellent, fast and versatile hosting service. Above all, its customer support is second to none.


If you click the graphic above, you will be taken direct to Namecheap and you will be able to register your domain name and consider their hosting plans.

Additional posts on choosing a domain name that is right for you will follow…

*Free is a relative word. It has been shown that the “Free” access has some cost. You lose control of your personal information. Notably to companies like Cambridge Analytica…

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